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Trial Operating, HIPEX Public Service Hall !



1. Guangdong Province Technology Contract Confirmation Registration Point

In May 2018, Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province issued the “Reply of Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province on the Approval of the Establishment of a Technical Contract Confirmation Registration Point”, and established a technical contract confirmation registration point in HIPEX.

(1) Examine and confirm whether the technical contract is in accordance with the “Technical Contract Recognition Rules”, and whether the registration subject is an enterprise registered in Zhuhai City according to law;

(2) Classification, registration, and archiving of technical contracts for review and certification.

2. Guangdong Province Works Copyright Voluntary Registration Agency

HIPEX registration office of the works is an agency authorized by the Guangdong Provincial Copyright Administration to undertake the voluntary registration of copyrights of works in Zhuhai. The categories of works registered include: literary works, works of fine art, architectural works, musical works, photography works, film works, drama works, acrobatic art works, etc.

3. Zhuhai Intellectual Property Public Service Center

In March 2018, Zhuhai Intellectual Property Office decided to set up Zhuhai Intellectual Property Public Service Center in HIPEX to cooperate with Zhuhai Intellectual Property Office to promote the development of intellectual property work in Zhuhai.

Zhuhai Intellectual Property Public Service Center provides the following services: intellectual property policy consultation, intellectual property information service, corporate intellectual property consulting services, intellectual property analysis and evaluation of major economic activities, intellectual property rights protection services, intellectual property personnel training, intellectual property project declaration, public services such as corporate intellectual property rights standards.

4. Hengqin Sub-center of Guangdong Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center (China (Guangdong) Free Trade Zone Zhuhai Hengqin District Intellectual Property Rapid Rights Protection Assistance Center)

The main work carried out by the Center is to organize relevant intellectual property cooperation units and experts to provide the following services to natural persons, legal persons and other organizations that have intellectual property rights assistance needs in Zhuhai

(1) Providing consultations on the rapid determination of intellectual property rights and rapid rights protection, and providing reference opinions on infringement judgment and compensation amount estimation;

(2) Organizing discussion to provide advice on cases of difficult intellectual property cases, abuse of intellectual property rights and non-infringement lawsuits;

(3) Receiving and handling reports or complaints from units or individuals concerning intellectual property infringement and intellectual property violations;

(4) Providing intellectual property analysis and demonstration and intellectual property early warning services for major R&D, trade, investment and technology transfer activities;

(5) Providing intellectual property policy consultation and public welfare training;

(6) Provide legal status inquiry and infringement judgment services for large-scale sports events, cultural events, exhibitions, expositions and customs intellectual property protection matters.

5. National Intellectual Property Administration Patent Search and Consultation Center HIPEX National Platform Agency

Patent Search and Consultation Center HIPEX National Platform Agency is the sixth agency set up by the Patent Search and Consultation Center of the National Intellectual Property Administration. It leverages the professional services of national authorities to serve enterprises across the country and gives full play to patent information retrieval and consultation. Analysis and support for the development of innovative enterprises, especially for Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City and even western Guangdong enterprises and the public to provide more convenient, fast, high-quality, efficient patent information services.

6. Guozhuan Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. HIPEX National Platform Agency

Guozhuan Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. HIPEX National Platform Agency is the business agency set up by the Beijing National Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. in HIPEX. It is the reception window of the South China region, providing accurate, flexible and convenient intellectual property expense management services for the community, such as the world patent annual fee monitoring and management, and monitoring and management of various fees for Chinese patent applications.

7. Beijing Xinfa Zhixin Technology Co., Ltd. HIPEX National Platform Agency

  Beijing Xinfa Zhixin Technology Co., Ltd. HIPEX National Platform Agency aims to provide a full range of IP services, such as patent data services, patent database, patent search system, patent search analysis consulting service, platform customized development, etc. to enterprises and institutions.


Work time

Monday to Friday

9:00-12:00; 14:00-17:30



Address: The first floor, No.12 Building, Financial Industry Service Base 3rd Phase, Hengqin New Area, Zhuhai, Guangdong.

Person: Zhang Huiwen

Wechat Number: wxiaohui712

Phone Number: 0756-8842184


Service Hotline: 400-8063-777

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