Other Business

Patent Analysis and Search

Patent Search and Consult Center under State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC, which is the authoritative organization for providing patent search, consultation, translation services in China in fields of technology and IP issues, will open a branch office on our platform.

Replying on its advanced and strong data resources and expert team, the branch office on the platform can provide services of quantatitive and qualititive analysis of patent and technology information; information and legal status search for invention creations, management of patents, application of patent technology and protection of patent rights; search and evaluation of the current technology background in periods of technology innovation, project R &D and patent application; search of patent technology and legal status in invalidation applications, infringement disputes, manufacture and sales as well as in import and export trade; analysis of the core product technology etc.

In addition, the office provides translation services for patent and technology documents involving all fields of science, and the languages include English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Korean, Spanish etc. Also as a neutral organization, it can provide translation services to the parties of patent disputes for related patent documents and other documents in foreign languages involved in a litigation case.