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The 10th Hong Kong IP Seminar and 2018 Guangdong, Hongkong, and Macao Great Bay Area International IP Operation Closed Door Summit--Zhuhai Station Was Sucessfully Held

The 10th Hong Kong Intellectual Property Seminar and 2018 Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Great Bay Area International Intellectual Property Operation Closed Door Summit--Zhuhai Station was held successfully by HIPEX on August 7th, 2018 in the Multi-functional Hall of HIPEX. The topic of  the summit is the Demand and Future of International Property Operation in Great Bay Area. 24 speakers from America, Canada, China (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Chinese mainland) had delivered their speeches at the summit. 


Topic: Demand and Future of International Intellectual Property Operation

 in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Great Bay Area






Welcome Remarks


Ji Jie



Topic 1. Situation of International   Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer


WIPO Global Service System

Lv Guoliang

WIPO China Office Counselor


Bayh Dole, IP Commercialization and   Technology Transfer

Michael Mangelson

Intellectual Property Consul of the U.S.   Consulate General in Shanghai


Dynamic Business Models

Zhang Jinhui

Former Director of Intellectual Property   in Hong Kong


US Trademark Case Update

Albert Wai-Kit Chan /

Founder of Albert Wai-Kit Chan   Intellectual Property Limited


Innovation and Practice of Operation Mode   of Intellectual Property Demonstration and     Transaction Center in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

Professor Tang Shanxin

Former Deputy Secretary and Deputy   Director of the Party Group of Guangdong Intellectual Property Bureau, legal   Adviser of Guangdong Senior People’s Court and Senior Consultant of WTO of   Guangdong Provincial People’s Government


International Patent Operation Tetralogy   Theory and its Application

Ji Jie

HIPEX General Manager



Topic 2. Experience and Models of   International Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer



Application of Block Chain Technology in   Intellectual Property Transactions

Wu Gaolin

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the   Intellectual Property Exchange of Hong Kong




Intellectual Property Operations and   Securitization

Yin Jianwen

Dr. Technology Group CTO



Current Situation and Prospect of   Intellectual Property Protection in Hong Kong

Dr. Song Ping

Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Agency Co.,   Ltd.


Research Results on the Application of   Artificial Intelligence in Technology Transfer

Hu Yuanjia

University of Macao

12:15-13:30   Lunch

Topic 3. HIPEX Expert Appointment Ceremony


Wang Li

Topic 4. Introduction and Views Sharing of   High-Quality Intellectual Property Operation Projects in Guangdong, Hong Kong   and Macao Bay Area



Singing Ceremony


How does Intellectual Property Relate to   Innovation and Business: Experience from U.S. Market

Joseph Tam

Chairman of Pangenia Group

Albert Wai-Kit Chan


Maximizing the Socio-economic Impact of   Global IP Commercialization — especially for China being a Contributing   Member of the Belt-and-Road Countries

Alfled Kwok

Counselor of AIIPS,

Founder of Hongkong Institute of Industry,   Education and Research


Supports form Hong Kong to settle the cross-border   intellectual property disputes

Dr. Law Wai Hung, Francis

President of Mainland--Hong Kong Joint   Mediation Center


Intellectual property system and   commercialization in Macao

Amy Wang

General Manager, Macao Victory   Intellectual Property Agent Co., Ltd


USPTO PTAB 2018 Updates

Xie Rong

Albert Wai-Kit Chan Intellectual Property   Limited


Intelligent IP and Expert E-services—a New   Vision of Intellectual Property—AIPT Expert Service Cloud

Yang Changfeng

AIPT Patent, Trademark and Law Office


Innovation in Copyright Commercialization

Ms. Lisa Macklem

Research Associate of CIGI


Road show of Revolutionary Smoking Machine   Technology

Dr. Huang Rongfang

Department of Mechanical Engineering,   National Taiwan University of Technology


Innovation Gene Interaction“IGI”Analyses   and Solutions

Deven K.K. Lo

CEO of B.Y. Quantitative Medicine Limited


Research and application of Chinese   medicine residue in health care feed additive and biological organic   fertilizer

Dr. Feng Kun

Zunyi Medical College


New development of herbal active body:   innovative compound database

Edward Mak


Synia Photonic LED 360 Road Show

William Lau

LED 360 Synia Photonic Technology Limited  CEO


Fire Extinguishing Device and System

Michael Thomas

18:00   Dinner


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